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2. Grab the keys to your rental

3. We call you when repairs are complete


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Why Choose All Star PDR to Repair Your Vehicle?

  • No Deductible Payment for Repairs
  • Free Loaner Vehicle
  • Free Car Wash and Vacuum
  • Expert Claims Assistance
  • BBB A+ Rated Company
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff

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  • 7 Deadly Sins of Hail Repair
    7 Deadly Sins of Hail Repair

    Download this info-packed PDF and discover what insurance companies and body shops don't want you to know and how to avoid being the next victim.

Free Auto Hail Damage Repair

  • Your car is going to look awesome, we really good at what we do
  • Deductibles suck, so we don't require you to pay it like the shop your insurance "buddy" will send you to
  • We like to have fun at work, which means you won't have an angry tech with a rod in his hand working on your hood
  • Our techs are so good they're illegal in 8 countries
  • Oh yeah, you don't have to pay for anything. Your insurance covers it and no your rates won't go up silly goose

Free Pickup and Delivery

  • We pickup your ugly hail damaged car from your home or business
  • We hand you the keys to your free rental vehicle so you don't have to walk
  • Once repairs are complete, we deliver your no-longer-ugly car to your home or business
  • You proudly drive your dent free car to your neighbors and tell them about All Star PDR
  • We invite you to Christmas with crazy uncle Seymour, he's a hoot

Free Wash and Vacuum

  • Your car will be returned in much better condition than it left you
  • We have an Olympic level detail man on staff
  • Please remove personal items and children prior to drop off
  • We won't spit on your car but it will shine nonetheless
  • You drive your clean, vacuumed, hail damage free car to your neighbors and tell them about All Star PDR

Free Email Updates

  • Technology is awesome, so we use it to make your experience better
  • Status updates are emailed to you using technology
  • You will know what's up with your car so please don't call and bother our office Mom while she's cooking us lunch
  • We would text you but they charge us like it's an international call in the 90s to do so
  • You can forward those emails to your friends in exchange for real US legal tender when they bring their car into All Star PDR